Dunn & Farrugia Fencing and Gates - Pool Safety Fencing

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Dunn & Farrugia Fencing and Gates - Pool Safety Fencing

Dunn & Farrugia Fencing and Gates - Pool Safety Fencing

Pool Safety Fencing by Dunn & Farrugia


According to The Royal Lifesaving Society’s National Drowning Report, between 2000 and 2009,139 children under the age of five years drowned in back yard pools. It is also estimated that for every one child that drowns 14 are taken to emergency rooms and four of those are admitted to hospital as a result of immersion.


If you own a pool you must comply with the Swimming Pools Act 1992 (Act).Under the Act the owner of a swimming pool has the responsibility to ensure that: the pool is at all times surrounded by a complying child-resistant pool safety barrier.


Your council has responsibility for administering the Swimming Pools Act and Regulation in its area. If you live on the Northern Beaches you must contact Manly, Warringah or Pittwater Council to check if your pool meets the requirements of the Act. The council can grant you a certificate of compliance if your swimming pool complies with the requirements of the Act.


If your pool does not comply with the requirements of the Act then your council will advise you of which steps you would need to take in your particular circumstances.


Dunn & Farrugia Pool Gates and Fences


Dunn & Farrugia are one of the largest fencing manufacturers in Australia. The company has a five acre manufacturing facility in Penrith as well as 10 branches across New South Wales and Queensland.


The Dunn & Farrugia team are proud to be able to provide their comprehensive range of stylish, secure and safe pool fencing and gates to customers right in the heart of the Northern Beaches, in Brookvale. 


Dunn & Farrugia manufactures a range of styles suitable for ensuring the safety of your pool and garden area helping protect young children and pets from drowning, yet adding that touch of style to complement your landscape.


Curved and sloped panels follow the contour of your pool area ensuring the fence complements the pool without detracting from your backyard’s best features.


Dunn & Farrugia’s range of pool fences and gates can be made in Pre-Galvanised Tubular Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel, Aluminium or DuraBOND®


Pool Fencing and Gates’ Requirements


Pool fencing and gates must comply with the Australian Standard AS1926.1-2007 "Swimming pool safety, Part 1: Safety barriers for swimming pools."


A hard copy can be viewed at Manly, Warringah or Pittwater Council offices.


Pool fences must be:










  • Minimum height 1200mm for the fencing between the pool and the house.
  • Minimum height of 1800mm for boundary fencing
  • Minimum 900mm separation between the upper and lower horizontal members to maintain non-climbable zone.
  • Maximum 100mm gap under the fence.
  • Maximum 100mm gap in vertical members including any flex in material.
  • Non-climbable zone extents from the barrier 300mm into pool area and 900mm outside pool area.
  • Alternative boundary fence design is available where above cannot be complied with. See Australian Standard for details.


Pool gates must:








  • Gates must be self-closing and self-latching and must be closed at all times
  • Gates to open outwards from the pool area.
  • No double gates are permitted.
  • Latch release mechanism to be 1.5-metres above the ground except where a shield is used. If a shield is used the latch is positioned on the pool side near the top of the gate. The shield makes it necessary to reach over the gate to release the latch mechanism.
  • Gate width is to be kept to a minimum (no more than 1-metre) to minimise the possibility of the weight of the gate causing the gate to drop with the self-latching mechanism failing.


 Call Dunn & Farrugia in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches, close to Manly, Warringah and Pittwater areas to discuss all your pool fence and gate requirements.


Alternatively view the Dunn & Farrugia pool fencing brochure, available here.

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