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Smallwoods Lawyers - Estate Planning

Smallwoods Lawyers: Estate Planning


Estate Planning Law Firm – Estate Planning Lawyers Covering North Shore & Northern Beaches

Smallwoods Lawyers - Estate Planning, Wills and Deceased Estates

Richard Smallwood of Smallwoods Lawyers smiles when asked why estate matters can’t be dealt with using a simple Do It Yourself kit from the post office.

“I’ve personally made more financially out of estate matters from clients where someone has used a DIY kit than when they haven’t!” reveals Richard, the Principal of Smallwoods Lawyers, which is based in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches. “At our law firm that excels at assisting clients to have their all matters to do with their estates planned, we’re trained in looking at, and allowing for, contingencies - we’re trained in looking at the ‘what ifs?’ in life. People are paying me for my experience and advising them in arranging their estates and  trusts.”


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Smallwoods Lawyers – A Prestigious Estate Planning Law Firm

It may not be one of the more comfortable subjects to discuss, but the simple fact is that addressing what will happen to your estate if you are incapacitated or pass away is one of the most important matters you can prepare for in life. Not preparing properly for the inevitable could result in the total loss of your assets and estate, leaving your loved ones destitute.

Richard Smallwood and the highly experienced team of estate planning lawyers at Smallwoods Lawyers on the Northern Beaches have more than 40 years’ experience in dealing with life’s ‘essentials’. You can be guaranteed Richard and his lawyers will provide you with the best advice when it comes to drafting your will, setting up trust accounts, allocation of superannuation and life insurance, reviewing your current will following changes in your personal circumstances, capital gains tax on your assets, appointing power of attorney or a guardian, and many other areas of estate planning.

Estate planning is much more than simply allocating the contents of your home to various friends and family when you are gone. As Richard explains, estate planning deals with a full range of contingencies - many you may not have even thought of.

“It should be looked at holistically. A will is one part of it, but that’s on death only. There are a lot of circumstances that can arise without death - for example health issues such as typical dementia-type illnesses. There could be accidents where one party or both parties of a relationship are significantly injured, and there could be, for example, brain damage. If you’ve got one continuing spouse that’s compos mentis, that’s fine - but what happens if that spouse or partner in that relationship is unable to look after those affairs in the future?" Richard notes.

“There’s also power of attorney aspects - who are we willing to give the power to deal with legal issues to? There’s appointment of guardianships to deal with health issues – what medical treatment you receive, where do you live, what medical care and what circumstances do you wish to have life support to be drawn?”

Smallwoods Lawyers - Wills and Last Testaments Created by Established Estate Planning Lawyers

The modern family unit is a complicated thing. Many families now include multiple children and spouses from various relationships, step-children, de facto partners and other members - some of whom may not always see eye-to-eye. It is important to make sure your will is up to date with your new circumstances and notes exactly the beneficiary or beneficiaries for each asset. Even for families that have always got along, Richard emphasises the need to err on the side of caution when it comes to trusts and other legal matters.

“Often there are lingering issues that never come to the surface whilst parents are alive, between siblings for example,” he explains. “Often they only come out on the death of the last parent, for argument’s sake. I’ve seen it time and time again. So, it’s got to be very carefully thought out who controls one’s affairs on either death or disability.”

So, while it may not be comfortable to discuss your own mortality, as Richard Smallwood of Smallwoods Lawyers explains with a smile, “It’s life”, he simply states.

And it’s reassuring that, after a visit to Smallwoods Lawyers in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches, you can go through life in comfort - safe in the knowledge those you love and trust will be well provided for, the way you want, when you’re gone.

Smallwoods Lawyers Assisting on the North Shore and Northern Beaches 

Smallwood Lawyers are based in Brookvale and provides advice on all things concerning estate planning, wills and deceased assists to customers throughout the Northern Beaches – from companies to individuals. The specialist legal firm also covers the North Shore. If you want quality advice on anything to do with estate planning, wills and deceased estates without the expense sometimes associated with city CBD lawyers and other lawyers around the Northern Beaches or North Shore, contact Smallwoods Lawyers today. 

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