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Smallwoods Lawyers - Family Law

Smallwoods Lawyers: Family Law


Family Law Lawyers & Solicitors North Sydney, Northern Beaches and North Shore

Family Law at Smallwoods Lawyers

When you’re facing the trauma of the breakup of the family unit or divorce, the last thing you probably want to do is visit a lawyer to get family law advice. But the simple fact is, making sure all your legal rights are in place is one of the most important factors when it comes to protecting you, your children and your family. In many cases, seeking out family law solicitors will actually be the first thing you should do when considering your family’s options.

Smallwoods Lawyers - located in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches close to Manly, Warringah, Pittwater and North Shore areas - offer family legal advice, centering around divorce law, property law, de facto law, child support agreements and more.

“Often at Smallwoods Lawyers we have people come in who are trying to decide if they’re going to continue their relationship or not - there are things people have to think about - especially if there are children involved,” says Richard Smallwood of Smallwoods Lawyers.

“So we may give some initial advice about what is ahead and what are the ramifications. We try and steer people toward counselling if they haven’t considered it already - in a way, we’re de facto counsellors, and often we’re the first port of call for people.”


Our Services

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  • Divorce, children and family law advice
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Family Law - How Smallwoods Lawyers can help provide family legal advice as family law lawyers

The end of a relationship can be an upsetting and confusing time, but Richard Smallwood and the solicitors at Smallwoods Lawyers are fully qualified and accredited to assist you through areas including divorce law, property law, financial issues, mortgage obligations, de facto law and child support. Smallwoods Lawyers on the Northern Beaches have been involved in general family law, divorce and de facto law issues for more than 37 years, and know how to handle all family law situations in a caring, compassionate way.

“Initially, I see people at a very raw stage,” Richard reveals. “But believe me, it will get better – you will be going through some tough times in the meantime, but it’s a matter of sticking in there and seeing it through and taking my advice and working with me.”

With almost four decades of legal expertise, Smallwoods Lawyers on the Northern Beaches has the experience and ability to deal with your family law issues quickly and effectively, depending on the circumstances. Often, family law matters do not have to reach a court hearing, and as a client of Smallwoods Lawyers, you’ll find Richard and his solicitors have your best interests at heart.

“There’s ample opportunity to settle at any stage and what I say to people is, ‘Why would you throw a lot of money into a court process if that money could be best used for the children, for example?” Richard explains.

“So I much prefer for people to settle early. I say, ‘Draw a line in the sand, and below that line is what you’re prepared to contest.’ If there’s some way we can negotiate a settlement and it gets resolved quickly, you can get on with your life.”

There are many scenarios that may have played out before you see Smallwoods Lawyers. Perhaps you still live in the family home but are considering leaving your relationship, you may be concerned about your options if your partner is the main financial contributor to your household, or perhaps you have already tried to come to an amicable solution with your former partner regarding your home, children or assets, without success. Whatever the situation, Richard and the solicitors at Smallwoods Lawyers will be able to take you through your options.

Smallwoods Lawyers - Divorce, and children and family law advice

When it comes to relationship breakdowns and divorce involving children, their welfare should be paramount. Richard and the solicitors at Smallwoods Lawyers are able to discuss family and children's counselling opportunities with you and are even able to direct you to organisations that provide child support and assistance in this area. Whatever the case, you can be guaranteed Smallwoods Lawyers will provide the best assistance when it comes to family law issues.

“Initially, I sit down with clients and say, ‘What are your objectives?’” Richard says. “Then I say, ‘Obviously you’ve done a lot of thinking and are going through a traumatic time, but I need to have it clear in my mind what you are trying to achieve. You can get caught up in the intricacies of legal issues but you should always have that focus.’”

For any of the following services - family law, divorce law, de facto law, child support - contact Smallwoods Lawyers, located at Brookvale, Warringah on the Northern Beaches.

Smallwoods Lawyers - assisting on the North Shore and Northern Beaches regions

Smallwood Lawyers are based in Brookvale and provides its service to customers throughout the Northern Beaches – from companies to individuals. They have clients in Pittwater suburbs such as Avalon, Newport, Palm Beach, Warriewood, Mona Vale and Narrabeen, as well as clients in southern peninsula suburbs like Belrose, Brookvale, Collaroy, Dee Why, and Manly and Manly Vale.

The specialist legal firm also covers the North Shore including Chatswood, St Leonards, Lane Cove, Artarmon, Cremorne, Mosman, Neutral Bay, Willoughby, Crows Nest and North Sydney.

For more information, contact Smallwoods Lawyers today.  

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