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Warringah Timbers - Mouldings

9 Inman Road, Cromer, NSW, 2099

Warringah Timbers - Mouldings

Mouldings, Timber Mouldings, Decorative Mouldings

Turning a good job into a great job is often done with the smallest of details. A simple timber moulding for example can add interest to a plain surface, a design flourish that gives that certain ‘wow’ factor, or provides character to a whole room. Timber Mouldings cover a range of machined timber finishes such as skirtings and architraves, inlay moulds, picture rails, chair and dado rails, cornices, jambs, nosings and lining boards. Warringah Timbers in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches has over 1500 timber mouldings to choose from. Alternatively if you are looking for something unique, simply give them a sample or drawing and they will make it for you and offer a wide choice of timbers. Whether you just want a professional finish or a change of style, they’ll have what you’re looking for.

Inspirational ideas to add that finishing touch to your home

Use decorative mouldings to add the finishing touches to doors, walls and furniture or why not add a little flair to shelves or worktops with a decorative trim or detailing. Mouldings are also an excellent way to hide gaps, rough edges or joins. When was the last time you paid attention to your architraves or skirting boards? Usually, they just blend in, right? They can do so much more. A change of skirting can add real character; a dado can define a different colour or texture or a cornice or picture rail can make a high ceiling feel lower. What about adding your own distinct style to decorative items around the home? Picture frames and mirrors, door stops and handrails.Have you ever thought about decorating your fireplace or revitalising some old furniture? You can add your own unique finishing touch to all sorts of things, not just a room. So use your imagination - the possibilities are almost endless.

Hundreds of mouldings, unlimited possibilities

Warringah Timber is one of Australia’s largest moulding operations with literally hundreds of pre-cut mouldings ready to go and virtually any custom design you need. Their world-class machining facility uses state-of-the-art WeinigProfimat 26 Super and a WeinigUnimat 23E machines, ensuring a premium product, time and again. Interior designers, Film set designers and DIYers have been using Warringah Timbers’ mouldings to produce an extensive range of skirtings and architraves, inlay moulds, picture rails, chair and dado rails, cornices, jambs, nosings and lining boards in any profile and timber species. Many of the hardwood species lend themselves naturally to the production of mouldings due to the fine grain and durability. Hardwood, like any other timber can easily be machined to many different profiles using highly sophisticated wood moulding machines. Off-the-shelf timber choices include Finger Jointed Radiata / Hoop Pine, Clear Pine, Western Red Cedar, Pacific Maple, Tasmanian Oak and LOSP Finger Jointed Pine.

Advice you can rely on

With customers ranging from the local builder and renovator to major national house builders, Warringah Timbers is uniquely qualified to meet your moulding requirements. They have over 30 years’ experience working with and supplying timber and timber related products and the dedicated team is always on hand to answer any queries you may have. From a traditional profile to match a beach house interior to a completely new design for a modern unit, their staff will work with you to create the exact style you need. Visit Warringah Timbers at 9 Inman Road, Dee Why West/Cromer on the Northern Beaches.  

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Mouldings, Timber Mouldings, Decorative Mouldings Turning a good job into a great...
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