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Warringah Timbers - Timber floors

9 Inman Road, Cromer, NSW, 2099

Warringah Timbers - Timber floors

Warringah Timbers create beautiful rooms from the ground up

The golden glow of a hardwood floor will add warmth and texture to any room. Its smooth and comfortable feel and the natural grain that gives it visual depth have made timber flooring a popular choice for centuries.

Selecting the right hard-wearing timber floors for your home is an important undertaking. The best way to make an informed decision is to visit a showroom. Working with a timber flooring specialist will enable you to take advantage of professional know-how of the flooring options available for your interior.

For over thirty years Warringah Timbers in Dee Why has established itself as a leading source of hardwood timber supplies and expertise in Australia. Warringah Timbers have timber species sourced from most states around Australia, including Tasmania and Western Australia, as well as internationally from Europe, the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Warringah Timbers’ huge range includes Sydney Bluegum, Coastal Blackbutt, Cypress Pine, Ironbark, Victorian Ash, WA Karri, Tasmania Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, Tallowwood and Jarrah as well as exotic species such as America Walnut, American White Oak, DamarMinyak and Merbau.

Choosing the best timber for your home

Unlike artificial flooring alternatives, natural timber has its own unique grain, pattern and texture, which it develops through the 60-odd years it takes a hardwood to mature. The look you choose will be down to your own personal taste and budget but colour and durability are important factors to consider, says David from Warringah Timbers.

"Warringah Timbers has over 100 square metres on display at their onsite showroom, providing a broad range of colour variations across the three main spectrums of creams, browns and reds. For example Coastal Blackbutt is a honey brown colour with mellow cream tones where Iron Bark is more chocolate brown in hue. If you are after red hues go for Jarrah, Blue Gum, Queensland Ironbark, Red Mahogany, Rose Gum,  Flooded Gum."

Another important element to consider is where the flooring is going to be laid because more durable and resistant woods are better suited to high traffic areas. The durability of hardwood varieties is measured against their ability to withstand denting by using the international standard of the Janka Hardness Scale. Hardwoods generally have a Janka rating of 5.0 upwards and the higher the value, the more durable and resistant the wood is.As David explains, Australian hardwood provides superior hardness to many imported timbers and is therefore more durable.

"The Janka rating is based on specific test criteria to compare the relative hardness within various varieties of wood. Ironbark is by far the most durable with a Janka rating of 14, making it ideal for high traffic areas such as foyers or restaurant floors. Spotted Gum and  Turpentine have a rating above 11 which again makes them a great choice. Oaks are the softest of the hardwoods with European and Tassie Oak both having a Janka rating of 5.5."

Making a statement

Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the greatest impression in your home. Wood flooring is a good example - its natural beauty provides an ideal backdrop for both contemporary and traditional interiors.To get a feel for what timber would look great on your floor, visit Warringah Timbers comprehensive showroom in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches and talk to one of their timber flooring specialists.


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