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Wellness Group

Wellness Group

What The Wellness Group is all about...

Walk your wellness journey by us hand holding you first. We literally hand hold you and give you the step by step direction until you are ready.

All the myth about staying a healthy weight know what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Programs available:

The Ultimate Healthy Weight Program

Ultimate Healthy Weight Program has been created for people who wants to live healthy, stay healthy, maintain or lose weight.

The program includes comprehensive health test, education, shopping tours, exercise programs, individualised program designed only for you and most of all, we hand hold you until you are ready to go on your own.

We all know there is no “one size fit all” in weight loss. We have done this for many years and our results so far is 100% 

Better Results. Better Health. Better YOU!

Ultimate Healthy Weight Program is THE individualised program for people who wants to live healthy, maintain or gain healthy weight and be the best version of you!

You will quickly discover how to:

Structure and construct your meals

No brainer daily meal plan is given to you to give you a kick start.

Children’s Mood and Behaviour Program

Does your child suffer from anxiety? ADHD? Sensory processing disorder? Behavioural issues? Autism?

We can help address these using a biomedical approach combined with naturopathic principles.

Some plain talk about simple things that often sounds complicated.

Our program takes you through step by step including:
- Optimising your child’s success session
- Complete health review from top to toes to ascertain what other factors may be influencing your child’s mood and behaviour.

Interpretation of pathology

(may request additional) and diet analysis. – What can influence kid’s behaviour? – give result in advance

You need education to be a co-pilot in your child’s health journey.

Our full written report gives you the information needed to make informed choices about your child’s health. It includes interpretation of testing, health review, explanation of health presentation, proposed treatment plan including supplementation, as well as diet and lifestyle changes.

Female Hormonal Issue - Happy Hormones Program

Happy Hormones is the premier hormone balancing experience (PMS, period pain, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, infertility and menopause).

All of these conditions have one thing in common – your hormones are out of whack. Allow us to rebalance them and have you back on an even keel.

How to Increase your Energy and Improve Vitality

Our clinical detoxification program (clinical detox) like a re-set button for your body. Detox helps re-set the body and begin a new path to good health.

This 6 week program works in 3 stages to repair, cleanse and restore all of your organs. Our healthcare team will provide you with dietary and lifestyle guidelines, and will also customise a supplement program to further enhance your results.

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