KX Pilates Dee Why

4/11-13 Oaks Avenue, Dee Why, NSW, 2099

Monday: 6:00-19:30
Tuesday: 6:00-20:00
Wednesday: 6:00-19:30
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KX Pilates Dee Why

KX Pilates Dee Why

You don’t need to spend more time working out, just more intensity while doing so!

KX Pilates delivers a high intensity, body-toning power workout in just 50 minutes that increases flexibility, balance and coordination, so you have the rest of the day to do what you want to do! We also offer private classes by appointment only.

The Workout

We offer a revolutionary, fast paced, high intensity, body-toning workout in just 50 minutes. Workout smarter, not longer, fusing elements of traditional reformer pilates with cardio and endurance training for a high intensity workout.

The workout is intensified by using more muscle fibres in the shortest amount of time, and by reducing the amount of time between exercise sets. This style of training works by targeting the whole body through continuous, precise, controlled movements and functional exercises that increase the intensity of the workout, while engaging the core and delivering cardiovascular conditioning.

Based on the Isolate – Fatigue – Stretch principle, KX Pilates targets the whole body. This burns more calories per minute, resulting in a much stronger post-exercise reaction. In other words, you will continue to burn calories hours after the class has finished!

We also have a range of specialised classes available ranging from Pre/Post-natal to a variety of Barre classes. Please note that one or more of these class styles are offered at selected studios.

Define Yourself

Japanese for ‘change for the better’ the Kaizen eXperience – or KX – is a philosophy that focuses on small and ongoing improvement. We want to make a difference in your lives and help you to Define Yourself, both physically and mentally.

KX Pilates will give you that lean, balanced physique you’ve been looking for, while making you more resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life. You will increase your flexibility, balance and co-ordination; stand taller, be stronger and have overall better cardiovascular health.

Achieving goals and reaching your potential. We will help you get there.

Origins - Aaron Smith

Aaron is the Founder & CEO of the KX Group. With first hand experience from his overseas travels, Aaron saw an opportunity to create, adapt and improve the fitness industry with an ever evolving boutique workout style that ambitiously combines creative flare with a modern sense of style.

As a personal trainer, Aaron built his reputation specialising in strength and conditioning before his search for new training techniques lead him overseas to the celebrity hide-out ski fields of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Beaver Creek Colorado USA. From here he travelled to London, UK where he discovered Dynamic Pilates, and saw an amazing uptake and expansion of this bootcamp style of pilates.

Aaron brought this idea back to Australia and with his own spin on the workout, created the dynamic KX Pilates workout. With the help and support of his amazing team, Aaron’s passion, determination and entrepreneurial flare has helped him drive the business to where it is today.

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