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Mediaspa Institute located in Dee Why on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Coolsculpting, Velashape 3 & Ultherapy Northern Beaches & North Shore


Dr Scott Turner's practice is the place to go for treatments such as Coolsculpting and Ultherapy in North Shore and North Sydney suburbs including Chatswood, Palm Beach, Manly, St Leonards and surrounds


Maybe other methods of fat reduction or shaping your body haven't worked for you. Or perhaps more invasive treatments just don't appeal to you. You may want to give body contouring a try at Dr Scott Turner's practice in Dee Why.

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  • Ultherapy
  • Coolscupting
  • Body contouring
  • Velashape 3


Body contouring treatments such as Coolsculpting and Ultherapy are a way to give your body a different shape by altering it where there are fat deposits and smooth out irregularities of the skin.

Cellulite machines and excess weight machines are known as body contouring because they reduce fat and irregularities.

The machines specifically target the waistline and contour on the area to give a narrow shape, to reduce the bulk and to smooth any unwanted cellulite that most people suffer from.

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  • Manly vale
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  • Palm Beach
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  • Cremorne
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  • Mosman
  • Neutral Bay
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  • North Shore


The purpose of body contouring is to enhance your shape, not completely alter it. The machine works with your body to minimise any extra weight you might be carrying.

It's noninvasive, so there’s no surgery involved. The treatment is purely done with the machine.

The down time is minimal to none with these procedures. The patient has these treatments with these machines and then they can just walk out…

Learn about Ultherapy, Coolscupting, body contouring and Velashape 3 services for residents of Chatswood, Lane Cove, Cremorne, Neutral Bay, Crows Nest, Newport, Northern Beaches, Willoughby and surrounds


Body contouring is able to qualify as a lunchtime treatment. The patient can just go back to normal activities and life straight afterwards. That's why it's more suitable for a lot of people.

The patient doesn't want to necessarily have downtime or scarring. They also might not need to go into surgery as their needs don't require that.

Dr Turner’s practice always has a medical background form for the nurse or the doctor to get an idea of the patient’s background.

This includes body, underlying health concerns or issues, any medication that might be taking. The practice rules out everything that could possibly a concern or an issue with doing any treatments.

The nurse reviews those forms and goes through them with the patient.

Once that's all been confirmed as to whether they're suitable, the patient also gets assessed physically.

Some patients just won't be suitable for a particular treatment as their expectation may not be able to be met.

The nurse will let them know immediately.

It’s all based on assessment and background check.

For example, if the patient's treatment is to reduce fat with nonsurgical treatment such as a machine, if it’s found that they are suitable after being assessed they can come back and have the treatment.

The length of the treatment depends on how many areas they need to have done. The treatment could be anything from one hour to several hours.

Usually it's a one off treatment, however some areas may need a second application. That’s always explained to the patient.

Then 8 to 12 weeks after the initial treatment is when the practice gets the patient's results. And the results usually peak at 8 to 12 weeks.

Then the second application continues. But generally it's not necessary for an area to be treated twice.

The patient can have several areas done. But the same areas maximum done usually twice. They can have all those areas done over however many weeks, months, however many times they like.

It does require time in the practice, about an hour for each area to be treated. The time spent getting it done is usually is a 1 to 2 treatment process and then it's not needed after that.

Want to learn more about Coolsculpting? Contact Dr Scott Turner's practice about Coolsculpting and Ultherapy treatment for residents of Chatswood, Palm Beach, North Shore, Manly, North Sydney, St Leonards and surrounds.

Meet the professional team at Dr Scott Turner’s practice


There are multiple surgeons that work with Dr Turner to deliver a range of services. However, the main permanent roles within the practice are dermal therapist, laser clinician and registered nurse.

The dermal therapist does all nonsurgical skin related procedures, which are Medispa items such as facial, skin needling, chemical peels, body contouring.

There’s also a registered nurse who does nonsurgical treatments and helps with nonsurgical cosmetics and uses all of those machines.

The nurse uses the nonsurgical body contouring equipment which reduces fat, smooths out cellulite and contours the body nonsurgically. The nurse also does injectables and anti-wrinkle injections.

Dr Turner is a plastic surgeon and primarily works in cosmetic plastic.

He's a qualified plastic surgeon which means he can do many kinds of procedures but he specialises in cosmetic.

He also specialises in lesions and removal of skin cancer. Skin cancer patients might need to have skin cancer removed from their face.

They might need a skin flap or a graft to minimise the scarring to keep their skin looking like they haven't had surgery.

Dr Turner specialises in skin cancer and lesions and the nurse works very closely with Dr Turner. The nurse assists with in-room procedures, post-op follow-ups, wound care.

Dr Scott Turner’s practice provides better body contouring services because it specialises in plastic surgery


While there aren't a lot of plastic surgeons in Dee Why, there are a lot of beauty clinics. Those clinics might have some of machinery similar to Dr Turner’s practice.

But what’s unique about Dr Scott Turner’s practice are the nonsurgical Medispa services attached to a plastic surgeon practice. This means the capabilities of the practice are a lot more than elsewhere.

Having a plastic surgeon on site allows for proper assessment of patients to determine whether there is a concern physically before treating them.

The practice also has equipment if anything is needed for the patient post treatment. The practice also always has a registered nurse on duty.

These are the some of the things that place the practice within the higher rank of quality of clinics.

Are diets and exercise not working for you?


Have you heard about the latest fat reduction technology?

The machines can work on various treatment areas with minimal side effects and are FDA cleared.

Dr Scott Turner's practice can target fat cells, face and neck, connective tissue, stubborn fat with treatment sessions, such as cellulite reduction, cellulite treatments, fat reduction, dermal filler.

You can benefit from North Shore based Velashape III treatment, Ultherapy treatment, body lift, Coolscupting treatments and procedure and fat freezing.

See Dr Scott Turner for coolsculpting, body contouring, Velashape 3 services in Northern Beaches area including Lane Cove, Cremorne, Neutral Bay, Crows Nest, Newport, Willoughby and surrounds.

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