Dr Scott J Turner - Non Surgical - Anti Wrinkle - Dermmal Fillers - Lip Enhancement

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Dr Scott J Turner - Non Surgical - Anti Wrinkle - Dermmal Fillers - Lip Enhancement

Dr Scott J Turner - Non Surgical - Anti Wrinkle - Dermmal Fillers - Lip Enhancement

Dr Scott Turner offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical treatments to enhance and improve on your natural beauty and appearance.

•Non-surgical procedures involve little to no discomfort. Our treatments require, at most, a topical numbing cream or a small injection.


•After most non-surgical treatments patients can go back to work immediately, the same day.


•Risks with non-surgical procedures are limited to minor bruising and swelling.


•Because non-surgical treatments are temporary and do not involve removing skin, muscle or bone, the results can be adjusted as your face changes with time.


Non-surgical treatments are performed in the comfort of our rooms, usually take about thirty minutes to perform and do not require lengthy preparation time.


Anti wrinkle injections


Anti wrinkle injections have quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Australia. Anti wrinkle treatments are done easily without any immediate dramatic changes, so your colleagues won't know you've had it done during your lunch hour but over time your appearance will alter leaving you looking younger and refreshed. 


Dermal Fillers


Injectable dermal fillers are natural, soft gel-like products that are used beneath the skin to fill in deep facial lines, contours, and creases to give your face a more refreshed, youthful and contoured appearance. They can also be used to add volume and contour to the lips and cheeks.


Liquid Face Lift 


A variety of effective rejuvenation treatments - not involving surgery - that can give natural and beautiful results. Especially suited to patients who would like to appear more youthful and refreshed yet wish to avoid surgery and the recovery time involved.


Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are often used to postpone surgery, or as a complementary procedure. The use of dermal fillers in conjunction with anti wrinkle injections for example, have been called the 'liquid' facelift.


Lip Enhancement 


Enhance your lips with our innovative lip enhancement treatments, making your lips fuller, eliminating vertical lines, and correcting drooping corners of the mouth. Using fillers to make your lips fuller, creating a smoother and natural looking result, Dr Scott Turner provides results with the least amount softest of swelling or risk of overall bumpiness.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about Dr Scott J Turner please contact his practice on 1300 437 758 or please see his website for more information www.drturner.com.au

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