Sushi Train Dee Why

864 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, NSW, 2099

Monday: 11:30-21:30
Tuesday: 11:30-21:30
Wednesday: 11:30-21:30
Thursday: 11:30-21:30
Friday: 11:30-21:30
Saturday: 11:30-21:30
Sunday: 11:30-21:30
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Sushi Train Dee Why

Sushi Train Dee Why

Sushi Train Dee Why Station is now OPEN!

The biggest "Sushi Train" group in Australia has launched a new shop in Dee Why in May 2014!

Sushi Train Group has 40 shops in Australia and is known as the first group to introduce the "Sushi Train" style to Australia. We are the pioneer! Did you know that the name "Sushi Train" is actually a company name, not that style of restaurant with sushi plates going around on a circular conveyer belt?

The history of the Sushi Train goes back to the very first one opened in Surfers Paradise in Queensland more than 20 years ago. We have been operating the "stations" or the shops with our pride as a pioneer. Our mission is to continue providing fresh and tasty Sushi to all the customers, flavouring your dining experience with the great hospitality of our staff members.

We at Sushi Train Dee Why Station look forward to your visits with a wide selection of menu items available at the shop that will meet everyone’s need. There are dishes other than Sushi that you can enjoy as well, such as Rice Bowls and selections from entrée menu including something for vegetarians.

Come and enjoy our dishes to find your favourite ones. We promise you a pleasant experience dining at Sushi Train Dee Why Station.

Alcohol Liccense Approved

COMING SOON: We will start selling the best Japanese Beer SANTORY Premium Molts Draft Beer, wide selection of Japanese Sake and tasty Australian Wines once the license is issued.

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