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Carmen Nicotra Relationship Counsellor

809 Warringah Road, Forestville, NSW, 2087

Carmen Nicotra Relationship Counsellor

Do you want to feel more secure in your relationship and closer to your partner? Do want better sex, better conversations and more fun? Lasting, intimate relationships don’t just happen – they start with attraction and then are built over time upon trust, communication, commitment and a shared vision of a life together. If you don’t have this now with your partner, you may need some guidance and support to create the love and the life together that you really hope for. Relationship counselling can help you create all of this and keep it… for life.

I am professionally trained to facilitate better communication and to help you develop great relationship skills. Although my training and experience are important, I consider genuine support and care coupled with an open mind, unconditional respect and my willingness to share your vision of a fulfilling life as the qualities that will be of most value to you. 

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Please call to chat about what you need, or contact me for an appointment by text, email or phone.  


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