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Frenchs Forest Dental - Teeth Whitening

Frenchs Forest Dental - Teeth Whitening

Make your smile more attractive with Teeth Whitening and Tooth Coloured Fillings at Frenchs Forest Dental


If you're looking for general dentistry services like teeth whitening and tooth coloured fillings, Frenchs Forest Dental can provide you with the right solution for you.

Our Services

  • Teeth whitening
  • Home whitening treatment
  • Thin mouthguards
  • Opalesence bleaching gel
  • Tooth coloured filling
  • Non-toxic fillings


Teeth whitening

We have been whitening teeth for 30 years at Frenchs Forest Dental located on the Northern Beaches and have found that the safest and least problematic method is home whitening treatment using clear, thin mouthguards and Opalesence bleaching gel.

The gel we use is of a lower concentration than office bleaching but penetrates deeper into the enamel and dentine to give a longer lasting effect.

Teeth that are sensitive are made worse with gels of higher concentration, but using a desensitising gel in the home whitening mouthguards before the whitening process is started allows sensitive teeth to be whitened.

The advantage of the home whitening system is that teeth do not become sensitive to hot and cold and a longer lasting whitening effect is achieved. The length of time that the whitening lasts is 2 to 3 years, after which time refills can be purchased at a small price and the mouthguards reused.

High concentration bleaching gels (25% to 30%) can damage the gums and cause sensitivity that is long lasting, where the 10% concentration that we recommend is beneficial to the gums, with minimal sensitvity.

For dental services including general dentistry, teeth whitening and more contact Frenchs Forest Dental, located in Frenchs Forest, Warringah on the Northern Beaches.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

At Frenchs Forest Dental on the Northern Beaches we use tooth coloured filling for all new fillings as they look better and do not contain toxic metals such as mercury. This is better for the environment and the patient.

The benefits of tooth coloured fillings

The benefit of tooth coloured filling is that they bond the tooth together to create stronger teeth.

The old amalgam fillings expand after 10 years and can cause the teeth to fracture or crack and become sensitive. When either of these things happen a crown is then necessary to preserve the tooth.

When the amount of tooth loss is large, a ceramic inlay may be necessary. This is made by a dental technician and is extremely strong and blends in with the existing tooth structure.

For dental services including  general dentistry,  tooth coloured fillings and more contact Frenchs Forest Dental, located in Frenchs Forest, Warringah on the Northern Beaches.

Our Services

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