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Plan Protect Financial Planners for the Northern Beaches and North Shore


Financial Planning for a Brighter Future with Plan Protect


Plan Protect is a team of highly qualified financial planners based in Frenchs Forest on the Northern Beaches close to Manly, Mosman and the North Shore.

Plan Protect’s financial planners offer specialist advice for individuals, families and businesses. They specialise in superannuation, retirement planning, estate planning, creating tax effective strategies and risk management.

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Researching, understanding, analysing and then selecting the best company, product and funds from the myriad of options available is a time consuming and complex task.

Plan Protect is a fully independent company offering impartial advice with access to many investment houses and insurance companies in the marketplace.

Their financial planners specific responsibility is to select the most appropriate solution to suit your unique requirements and ensure you get the very best…every time.

Plan Protect’s services include:

  • Financial advice
  • Financial strategy
  • Retirement planning
  • Transition to retirement
  • Income maximisation
  • Risk management
  • Investment advice
  • Self-managed superannuation
  • Advice on superannuation and personal insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Tax effective strategies
  • Wealth creation
  • Executive financial planning

Why Financial Planning is important

There are times when we all feel we need financial guidance.

This could be helpful in deciding what is financially important, identifying any gaps in your financial security, deciding on the best way to save or invest for goals, or thinking about how much risk you are prepared to take (and are able to take) to achieve your goals.

Northern Beaches based Plan Protect has developed strategies to allow retirees, business people and employees to thrive in today’s complex environment by focusing on exactly what is needed and developing strategies to improve the wealth of their clients.

These strategies both minimise risk and maximise return. Many are particular to Plan Protect and are not used by other financial planners. They have been developed by Plan Protect in response to the current economic climate.

Plan Protect know times have changed and have developed specialist strategies to protect you. When you go to Plan Protect, you will benefit from advice which works right now in the current economic climate.

If you have worried about your financial future since the global financial crisis and have asked yourself any of these question then Plan Protect can help:

  • I need help to sort out my personal financial priorities
  • I think I need income protection insurance or key man insurance
  • I want to generate an income during my retirement
  • I am thinking of creating a self-managed super fund
  • I want to diversify my investments in shares and property
  • I am concerned about the transfer of my wealth to my beneficiaries
  • I want to deploy my assets for maximum return and minimise my tax liability

Why Choose Plan Protect

Plan Protect in Frenchs Forest on Sydney’s Northern Beaches is owned and run by Janne Ashton.

Janne has been in business servicing residents of the Northern Beaches and North Shore since 2004. She has a dedicated team of more than ten staff and the two financial planners have a combined financial planning experience of over 50 years.

All financial planners and paraplanners have tertiary level education in finance, whilst the senior paraplanner has just completed his Master of Applied Finance (Financial Planning).

Here are some of the reasons Janne believes Plan Protect is the financial planning partner for you:

  • Plan Protect puts your interests first
  • Plan Protect is totally independent and impartial
  • Plan Protect will take the time to understand what your hopes, aspirations and concerns are
  • Plan Protect can tailor-make a strategic 'financial plan' intended to meet your goals and requirements
  • Plan Protect staff will respond quickly when you need action
  • Plan Protect will provide a review program to ensure your plans stay on track in the long term

Looking for great financial planners? Need help with financial advice, financial strategy, retirement planning, transition to retirement, income maximisation, risk management, investment advice, self-managed superannuation, advice on superannuation and personal insurance, estate planning, tax effective strategies, wealth creation, executive financial planning, contact the financial planners at Plan Protect in Frenchs Forest on the Northern Beaches servicing Manly, Pittwater, Chatswood, Crows Nest, Mosman, the North Shore and surrounding areas.

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