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It’s a whole different world at Forest Childcare

Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest, NSW, 2086

It’s a whole different world at Forest Childcare

It’s a whole different world at Forest Childcare

Choose a classroom, any classroom at Forest Childcare and enter a whole new world, far, far, away from the centre’s location in Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest. It may be a jungle, or an underwater kingdom, a desert or a city. At Forest Childcare learning is all about the experience, an experience often triggered by the children who inspire themes based on their activities during the holidays or an outing on the weekend. A trip to the beach fills one classroom full of colourful sea creatures, while a trip to the zoo motivates mobiles with dangling giraffes and zebras in another. Meanwhile every wall throughout the centre displays colourful learning stimulants designed to animate and galvanize young minds.

Each milestone is recorded

Kay has more than 45 years experience as a children’s educator and has been Director of Forest Childcare since 1995. She is very much involved in the day-to-day running of the centre and the individual programs run for each age group, and it’s no secret she loves filling in for members of her team when they go on holidays or participate in training programs. “We record and photograph every milestone for their parents so they don’t miss a thing,” she says. “It may be their first step or first word, or monitoring their progress in reading. Every achievement, whether it be in play or development is recorded.’’ Downstairs in the centre is the peaceful retreat for the Tadpoles, the babies of the centre aged from six weeks to 18 months. Next are the Bilbies, from 18 months to three years; then the Kookaburras from three to four years; and finally the older children in the Platypus Room, from ages four to six, where the children are prepared for kindergarten.

Inspiring for all ages

Kay Doyle understands the significance of pre-school education and that every day is a new day of discovery for young children. ‘’In classrooms at school, teachers have to teach to the middle group,” Kay says. “Whereas here we have the luxury of teaching to each child’s individual needs.” While children are taught their numbers, letters and sounds, they are also introduced to music and song, cooking and dance. They learn how to share, integrate and respect each other. And don’t be surprised to be greeted by them in Japanese, Mandarin, Italian or Portuguese. “We are lucky to have some educators who speak a second language,” Kay says. “The children have a lot of fun learning about the culture and traditions of other countries first hand.”

Learning social skills

Step-by-step the children are developed and taught, with a strong focus on social interaction. For the tiny Tadpoles, it’s inspiring their curiosity, encouraging them learn to sit up, stand or take their first step. Across the hall the Bilbies are learning their rhymes and manners, while the Kookaburras learn responsibility and hygiene. Upstairs from inside a tent you hear giggles and squeals as children from the Platypus room play in their makeshift jungle. The Platypus room is where the older children transition to school, they learn to cut and paste, practise their alphabet, reading and writing. “From the babies up, social interaction is a vital skill for all our children to learn,” says Kay. “We know how to make them feel safe and confident, so we get the best from them.” Every child at Forest Childcare, from six weeks to six years, is carefully nurtured and equipped with all the skills needed to help them grow into confident young school children. From teaching them to sit up, to teaching them how to read and tidy up, Forest Childcare at 5/10 Rodborough Road in Frenchs Forest helps children grow, step-by-step.

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