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Alternative Foot Solutions

Finally, a solution that allows women of the northern beaches to walk pain free even in sexy heels

New to the northern beaches based in Manly on the Northern Beaches is an exciting new podiatry practice with something different to offer, particularly to those women who have suffered with sore feet. 

Alternative Foot Solutions in Manly on the Northern Beaches close to Warringah, Pittwater and North Shore areas specialise in podiatry and foot mobilisation therapy.

Alternative Foot Solutions has recently opened its doors and is the first practice of its kind in NSW. The main technique used in the clinic is Foot Mobilisation Therapy (FMT). Through gentle mobilization and manipulation, FMT physiologically changes the alignment of the joints in your feet, knees and hips. And while it’s called Foot Mobilisation Therapy, it can heal many areas of your body, not just your feet.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy (FMT) is based on gentle, controlled movements. The joints in your feet are taken through their natural motions to help your body heal and function just as nature intended. Foot Mobilisation Therapy is gentle, painless and non-invasive.

A Podiatrist with a Difference

This is so exciting simply due to the fact that for the first time foot pathology can be treated effectively without limiting footwear, wearing orthotics or surgery. The obvious main advantage is to females, given the restrictions of footwear that traditional treatment methods create. For the first time freedom is in sight for all those ladies who wear Jimmy Choo shoes.

Daniel Fitzpatrick, Podiatrist at Alternative Foot Solutions, Manly gave us his thoughts on the treatment and its benefits “I think its great. I finally don’t have to argue with women about changing their foot wear. Unlike traditional forms of treatment  I can effectively treat a number of issues using this technique pain free. There’s also a high compliance rate with this treatment. I also think its exciting that the northern beaches is the first to have a clinic of this nature in NSW particularly when I live in the area”

The process to happier feet involves an initial assessment to establish what course of treatment will suit your needs followed up by further diagnostic and then an overall evaluation of which direction would best suit your issue. Then the healing begins.

for more information regarding podiatry and foot mobilisation therapy contact Alternative Foot Solutions, Manly on the Northern Beaches.

Alternative Foot Solutions

Shop6, 27 Belgrave Street

Manly, on the Northern Beaches.

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