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Podiatry - Alternative Foot Solutions - Foot Podiatrist

Located in Manly on the Northern Beaches, easily accessible to the Manly, Warringah, Pittwater and North Shore areas, Alternative Foot Solutions specialise in healing and treating common foot, knee and hip related problems with foot mobilisation therapy and acupuncture, providing alternatives to common orthotics. Alternative Foot Solutions want you to have it all – comfortable feet AND the freedom to wear your Jimmy Choos.


A brand new podiatry clinic on the Northern Beaches, Alternative Foot Solutions is the only podiatrist clinic in New South Wales that specialises in Foot Mobilisation Therapy, or FMT – a gentle, hands-on foot mobilisation that physiologically changes the alignment of the joints in your feet, knee and hips. The follow-on effect from Foot Mobilisation Therapy is that you can then, in turn, see healing in many areas of your body – so not only will you see real benefits from the treatment in your feet, but you can also wave goodbye to such common complaints as bad backs, sore knees and stiff necks.


What is Foot Mobilisation Therapy?


Foot Mobilisation Therapy is not like the treatment you receive from your average podiatrist – the process from Alternative Foot Solutions will allow you to solve your ailments without the need for expensive surgery or orthotics. Foot Mobilisation Therapy at Alternative Foot Solutions is based on gentle, controlled movements – unlike surgery, foot mobilisation therapy it is non-invasive and painless, and works by the joints in the foot being taken through their natural motions to assist the body in returning to its original state, healing and functioning, just as nature intended.


Acupuncture at Alternative Foot Solutions


Alternative Foot Solutions utilise the traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture to give you the best long-term results. Using the perfect blend of traditional Chinese points and Western medical science, Alternative Foot Solutions’ acupuncture promotes healing and reduces pain – and even the not-so-squeamish will be happy to hear the acupuncture needles are almost seven times smaller than the absolute smallest injecting needles, meaning the treatment is non-invasive and relaxing - you’ll barely feel the procedure! A small amount of the tiny needles are inserted just under the skin for no longer than 20 minutes, so the process is almost over as soon as it’s begun.


As well as foot mobilisation therapy and acupuncture Alternative Foot Solutions also use the latest technology in the fight against pain, Interex therapy. Again, it’s a painless procedure that interacts with the body’s neurological system to reduce pain and inflammation, helping to restore function to the effected parts of the body.


Alternative Foot Solutions Podiatrist Daniel Fitzpatrick is a university-trained podiatrist. Many people think podiatrists are not trained in areas such as foot mobilisation therapy and acupuncture, but Daniel believes it is a vital part of his training. Having specialised in foot mobilisation therapy for the past five years, Daniel knows exactly what is needed to provide a specialist service to his patients on the Northern Beaches – in fact, no other podiatrist clinic in New South Wales offers the combination and wide range of treatments that Alternative Foot Mobilisation provides.


“We offer an innovative service that no one else offers,” Daniel says. “We get the same results just as cheaply and with less pain and inconvenience.”

Daniel and the team at Alternative Foot Solutions in Manly will assess, diagnose and evaluate your individual circumstances, making sure you receive the right treatment for your foot in tune with your lifestyle. It may surprise you, but Alternative Foot Solutions are not here to ruin your fun by taking away your Manolo Blahniks or favourite pair of work-boots – in fact, one of the biggest advantages of foot mobilisation therapy is that the change is intrinsic, meaning you won’t have restrict your choice of footwear due to orthotics.


Effective treatment without orthotics


What’s more, the podistrists at Alternative Foot Solutions generally encourage you to continue with your regular level of activity so they can keep an eye on the effectiveness of the treatment they’re giving you – both men and women can change their body, even the way they walk and run, without limiting their lifestyle. So don’t worry – Foot Mobilisation Therapy means you’ll literally be taking a step in the right direction. It doesn’t mean you’ll be stepping out on the town in clumsy orthotics and cancelling dinner plans because of surgery.


“Orthotics work like reading glasses - they’re only effective when in use.” Daniel explains. “Foot Mobilisation Therapy changes the structure of your body, so you’re healing every minute of the day.”


Alternative treatment for painful symptoms


Recognise any of the following painful symptoms? With alternative treatments including foot mobilisation therapy, acupuncture and interex therapy, contact Alternative Foot Solutions about how they can help:























  • Stiff neck
  • Sore upper back, knees, lower back, ankles and feet
  • Tight shoulders
  • Limited flexibility
  • Bad posture
  • Limited flexibility in the lower back, calves and thighs
  • Patella Femoral Syndrome
  • Knee alignment issues
  • Hip pain
  • Poor hip alignment
  • Bursitis
  • ITB syndrome
  • Achilles problems
  • Tendonitis
  • Tendonosis
  • Bunions
  • Clawed or hammer toes
  • Aching balls of feet
  • Heel pain
  • Arthritis


“Depending on your treatment needs, our goal is to make you as self sufficient as possible after the initial treatment period,” Daniel says. “The advantage is that we focus on the cause of your pain by improving alignment of your joints and strengthening the muscles supporting those joints, rather than trying to accommodate it like other styles of treatment.”


If you need a podiatrist for any of the following services: foot mobilisation therapy, acupuncture, orthotic alternatives – or, if you have any foot, knee and hip related problems – contact Alternative Foot Solutions, Manly, on the Northern Beaches.

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