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Located in Collaroy on the Northern Beaches and covering Manly, Warringah, Pittwater and the North Shore area, Jo Gillies Architect specialises in commercial architecture, new homes architecture and property renovations with a sustainable green design theory.

Established for 15 years and with 20 years experience in the architecture industry by owner Jo Gillies, Jo Gillies Architect pride themselves on innovative architecture, delivering quality designs based on sustainable principles. A vast number of Jo Gillies Architect customers are fortunate enough to enjoy waterfront real estate or properties in beachside suburbs, and many want sustainable green building practices with intuitive architecture that reflects their location. Jo Gillies Architect is passionate about creating soul inspiring designs that are highly responsive to the surrounding environment.

Jo Gillies Architect is passionate about intuitive, universally aligned design integrity. The virtues of open space, clean, fresh air and beachside living have played a large part in the way Jo and her team at Jo Gillies Architect create their visionary sustainable green designs.


Commercial architecture

Jo Gillies Architect loves the challenge of creating visually exciting architecture, and see enormous potential in both urban and rural environments. Having endured her own development projects, Jo Gillies understands the fiscal pressures experienced by developers and designs are created in response to site conditions, council requirements and client needs. Efficiency, function, sustainable green design, aesthetics and budget are all combined to create appealing architecture that is strong in identity and integrity.


New homes architecture

The Modus Operandi of Jo Gillies Architect is to design beautiful, high-end 'soul-spaces’, tailored specifically for their clients. It is for this reason that Jo Gillies architect’s work revolves around the philosophy of 'genus loci’ - the sense of place. The home should be where the heart and soul feel at place and ease.

Designs and concepts by Jo Gillies Architect are a physical manifestation of each individual client’s personality, desires, needs and spirit. The house becomes more than just a home - but a place and sense of belonging.

The three-dimensional forms into the use of materials which are all utilised to create spaces of charisma alongside interior and furniture design expertise. Jo Gillies’ architectural practice allows homes to be designed to the last detail, whilst incorporating the consideration to sustainable eco-principles.


Property renovations

When it comes to renovation, Jo and her team at Jo Gillies Architect are innovative yet sympathetic to the relationship between old and new architecture in a buildings design. Jo believes spaces that heighten relaxation and encourage positive social interaction are the key to renovating existing dwellings, and Jo Gillies Architect aim to streamline and improve on existing architectural structures with sustainable green practices in mind. Jo Gillies Architect understand the issues many property owners face with council restrictions and budget constraints, and face these factors head on with in depth architectural knowledge and experience in the architecture industry.

And while Jo Gillies Architect have extensive experience with interior and furniture design, Jo also has experience as an art buyer and is happy to help clients research and purchase the right piece of art for their home - or work toward the architectural design or renovation of the right home to best compliment their artwork!

Between them, Jo and her team at Jo Gillies Architect have experienced architecture practices around the world, with staff studying in Australia, France and Brazil, and working locally and in Italy, France, Laos and Brazil.

As an individual, Jo herself is no ordinary architect - she holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a volunteer lifesaver for her local Surf Lifesaving club at Long Reef on the Northern Beaches. Thinking outside the box, she is currently researching a book on the 'sacred balance’ between masculine and feminine in architecture, to compliment her Bachelor of Science Architecture/ Bachelor of Architecture, gained from the University of Sydney.

Keeping in tradition with the Jo Gillies Architect mantra of sustainably green practices and design, Jo is working toward a healing centre for Aboriginal elders in Queensland, where she has been involved in the architectural design of 17 contemporary terraces in the coastal area of Agnes Waters and Town of 1770. Jo also recently provided the architectural concept designs for the Quoll Breeding Centre at the John Morony Correctional Complex in South Windsor, in conjunction with the Australian Eco Foundation.

For the customer wanting sustainable green building practices and intuitive design principles, Jo Gillies Architect is the perfect vehicle to drive forward your new commercial architecture, new homes architecture or property renovation project. But, Jo Gillies warns, those looking at engaging the services of Jo Gillies Architect should also make sure they have a love of fine wine and chocolate; "chocolate eating is mandatory for everyone in the office, including our clients!"

"We have an office of fun, emphatic, creative people who take what we do seriously, but not ourselves," Jo adds. "We endeavour to make the process as fun and painless as possible. However, we won’t gloss over or pretend that building a new house, renovating or going down a commercial venture path will be a garden of roses - we aim to be realistic about the process whilst never losing our sense of humour!"

Jo is also interested in presenting and talking about architecture at any related functions requiring guest speakers.

If you need an architect for any of the following: commercial architecture projects, new homes architecture, property renovations and architects with sustainable green building designs, then contact Jo Gillies Architect In Collaroy, Warringah, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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