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Cosmetic Tattoo for Eyebrows and Permanent Makeup Northern Beaches


Jill Adams Permanent Beauty is the place to go for permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing. The salon does tattoo makeup, eyebrow tattoo and many more procedures that will enhance your look and simplify your beauty routine.


Women lead such hectic lives, it’s no wonder we can feel that we don’t always look our best! Imagine, then, if you could wake up each morning with wide-awake eyes, lusciously defined lips or beautifully arched brows.

Our Services

  • Eyebrows
  • Lash Enhancement
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipline and Blend
  • Full Lips
  • Beauty Spot
  • Body Art
  • Corrective Medical Procedures
  • Nipple and Areola Re-Creation
  • Scar Camouflage

Are you looking for cosmetic tattooing and makeup professionals in your local area?

Jill Adams Permanent Beauty is based in Mona Vale and is easily accessible to suburbs of the Northern Beaches and North Shore. They are specialists in permanent makeup, cosmetic tattoo, corrective medical tattooing, anti-wrinkle treatments, skincare and makeup, eyebrow tattoo and tattoo makeup.

Service Areas

  • Mona Vale
  • Frenchs Forest
  • Manly Vale
  • Avalon
  • Belrose
  • Collaroy
  • Dee Why
  • Manly
  • Narrabeen
  • Palm Beach
  • Warriewood
  • St Leonards
  • Lane Cove
  • Artarmon
  • Chatswood
  • Cremorne
  • Crows Nest
  • Mosman
  • Neutral Bay
  • Willoughby
  • North Shore
  • North Beaches


Cosmetic Tattooing - What is it?

Cosmetic tattooing, also known as micro-pigmentation or permanent makeup, is a safe and effective way to instantly improve your appearance. It’s a non-surgical treatment that simulates perfectly applied makeup by placing especially refined pigments just below the dermis layer of the skin.

Subtle and ideal for enhancing your natural features or to correct an imbalance, cosmetic tattooing always looks professionally applied, meaning no more endless reapplying of lipliner, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner.

Many women worry that cosmetic tattooing will look obvious, however Jill Adams’ professional experience, training and skill in beauty and makeup will help bring out your best features and achieve the look you have always wanted.

Cosmetic Tattooing - Why Try It?

Cosmetic tattooing is suitable for women of all ages. Possibly you are a busy professional on the go or a sporty outdoor type. Maybe you suffer from makeup allergies, have scarring due to surgery or sun damaged skin. Perhaps your once defined features seem to be fading or they appear uneven. Perhaps you are unable to apply makeup due to poor eyesight or unsteady hands. You may simply want to look good 24/7.

Achieve the look you’ve always wanted 24hrs a day.

90 percent of women use cosmetics every single day, and without exception, all of us think we look better and feel more attractive wearing makeup. Whether it’s a touch of lipstick or a dash of mascara, makeup undoubtedly boosts our confidence.

Jill Adams is very passionate about the art of cosmetic tattooing. As a makeup artist she strives for perfection, so takes great care designing and choosing colours to create the soft natural look you’ve always wanted.

Permanent Makeup - Designer Makeup that becomes part of you

Eyebrows – Eyebrows frame the face, giving expression, warmth and depth. This popular procedure is ideal for redefining eyebrows that have lost their fullness, have been over plucked or are not the most flattering shape.

Lash Enhancement – By implanting pigments in-between the lash lines your eyes will have the permanent look of an eyelash tint.

Eyeliner – Designed in accordance with your eye and face shape, a very fine tapered or thicker line can be implanted, enhancing the beautiful shape of your eyes that is guaranteed never to run or smudge.

Lipline and Blend – Ideal for creating fuller more defined lips. This procedure is recommended for anyone wanting their lip line corrected or enhanced. Also wonderful for lips that have been damaged from cold sores, the sun or surgery.

Full Lips – As one of the most popular cosmetic tattooing procedures, this clever technique means you can reinstate your natural lip colour or something brighter and never have to wear lipstick again. Never lose your lipstick on your glass or your coffee cup! Ideal alternative to or works well with injectables such as Collagen, Esthelis or Restylane.

Beauty Spot – Can create or make a freckle a feature. Enhance. Renew colour to natural beauty spots that have faded.

Body Art – Jill’s bodywork is precise and she takes great care that this addition will reflect her client’s personal requirements.

Corrective Medical Procedures

Cosmetic tattooing is an effective way to disguise unsightly scars and restore your self-esteem. Jill from Jill Adams Permanent Beauty on the Northern Beaches specializes in the following procedures and is recommended by many of the top plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

Nipple and Areola Re-Creation – Clients are amazed by the results of nipple and areola recreation following breast reconstruction or reduction.

Scar Camouflage – Cosmetic tattooing allows your skin colour to be matched in order to disguise loss of pigment that has resulted from accidents, sun damage, burns, breast reduction and facelifts.

For further information regarding cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup contact Jill Adams Permanent Beauty on the Northern Beaches, accessible to Mona Vale, Pittwater and surrounding suburbs.


Do you reside on the Northern Beaches of Sydney? Jill Adam's Permanent Beauty in Mona Vale, accessible to Brookvale, Newport and surrounding suburbs is your local cosmetic tattoo and permanent beauty salon. Contact Jill Adam's Permanent Beauty to learn more about your options for eyebrow tattoo and many other beauty procedures.


Whatever your beauty needs Jill Adam's Permanent Beauty have the right skin treatment, hair treatment or beauty product for you. Whether you want to conceal, cover up, shape, enhance or add colour to your features... Permanent cosmetic tattooing can help you achieve the look you want. Looking for cosmetic tattoo brows? Get the perfect eyebrow shape and colour at Jill Adam's Permanent Beauty.

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