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Johnson Bros Mitre 10 - Timber Decks

Johnson Bros Mitre 10 - Timber Decks

Peninsula Living talks to JBH Timber and Building Supplies about Timber Decks

Johnson Brothers Mitre 10 is a specialist independent hardware store, building products and timber merchant with shops in Avalon and Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches close to Manly, Warringah, Pittwater and North Shore areas.

Our Products

  • Decking supplies and accessories
  • Decking showroom
  • Hardwood, softwood, composite timber
  • Decking oils, paints and stains


Service Areas

  • Mona Vale
  • Newport
  • Avalon
  • Palm Beach
  • Pittwater
  • Narrabeen
  • Dee Why
  • Warriewood
  • Collaroy
  • Elanora Heights



In October 2008, Johnson Bros took over operation of Hardwoods Australia and this arm of the business is now known as JBH Timber and Building Supplies. JBH Timber and Building Supplies, is located in the Mona Vale store at 51 Bassett Street.

JBH Timber has an extensive range of decking supplies and accessories as well as a showroom with all your decking options on display. A popular choice when it comes to alfresco living, decks give you access to the great outdoors without the expense of a home alteration or renovation.

Here the company’s Bruce Crutcher talks to Peninsula Living about timber decks and decking.

PL: What things should be considered when designing a deck?

BC: When designing your deck consider clearly its use and activities. Is your deck going to be connected to your home or will itbe freestanding? Will it be a high or low (under 1 metre) deck? Will your deck have a roof (pergola or awning) over it or will it be exposed without a roof? How large an area is your deck going to be? What type of timber are you using?

PL: What types of timber are available for decking?

BC: The types of timber available for decking boards fall into three main categories – hardwood, softwood, and composite (plastic/resin and timber). Native Australian hardwoods are an excellent choice for decking because of their high rigidity, durability and resistance to attack by fungi and insects.

PL: What hardwoods would you recommend?

BC: Merbau, Stringybark, Northern Box, Ironbark, Jarrah, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum are all excellent choices. Some of them may have small advantages compared to others but it is more important to achieve the result and the look you want and to stay within your budget. Choosing a different decking timber can affect the final price by approximately 25 per cent.

PL: If I was on a limited budget what timber would be best?

BC: Softwood decking boards are mostly made from Cypress Pine and Treated Pineand are a good option if your budget will not allow for hardwood decking boards. Softwood decking boards can be stained to any wood colour and then clear coated, which will give a good result with a natural look. However softwood even being treated will not last like hardwood and will tend to crack and warp over time on exposed decks.

PL: What are the different timber decking finishes?

BC: Not only do timber decking finishes enhance the look and colour of your timber they will help to protect it from moisture and UV rays which will both cause your deck to crack and warp. Decking oils, paints or stains can all be used. I would recommend decking oil from a leading supplier such as Cabot or Intergrain. Decking oils preserve the natural texture of wood most and change the natural appearance least. Reapplication is generally necessary every two to five years depending upon the amount of pigment included, and the degree of exposure.

PL: Is Council approval required when building a deck?

BC: It will come down to the size and design of your deck. Your local decking professional will be able to tell you the rules that apply to your area, or you can call up Manly, Pittwater or Warringah councils with any questions you have about your new deck.

Building a deck is easy with a little help from Johnson Brothers Mitre 10 and JBH Timber and Building Supplies. Download the easy-to-follow guide to achieving a perfect result here. It outlines all the tools you will need for the job and includes a materials checklist.

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