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Onshore Homes Renovation Builders Sydney


Is your home in need of some quality and professional restoration attention? Maybe you have just bought a new home and have visions of turning it into the home of your dreams? No matter your reasoning or rationale, if your need quality home restorations for your home or investment property then speak to the expert team of home restoration experts at Onshore Homes.


Onshore Homes team of fully licensed and qualified builders and planners have the experience, expertise, and professionalism to make your home restoration project as smooth and effortless as you can imagine.


Onshore Homes has over 20 years combined experience building the people of Sydney the homes’ of their dreams. Trust us to restore you home and make it the envy of your neighbours.


Home Restorations- Big and Small


At Onshore Homes we offer you our professional and experienced house restoration services , no matter the size or scope of your restoration project.


From single room renovations, to additions to your home’s exterior, landscaping work, or the gutting of your entire structure for an open plan living arrangement, whatever you want, chances are our team of designer and builders will have the expertise and knowledge to make your dream space a reality.


Onshore Homes offers expert service in bathroom remodelling, kitchen remodelling, fencing restoration, creation of retaining walls, knocking out of walls, and just about any service you could want for your home restoration project.


The Complete Range of Home Restoration Services Under One Roof


The key to Onshore Homes success as a home restoration organisation lies in our vast network of trades and services from which we supply our customers with the very best service in a range of specialist fields.


Just a few of the licensed and accredited services we offer our customers includes architects, draftsmen, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, painters, landscapers, roofers and more!


Contact Onshore Homes Today About your Home Restoration Project


If you have a vision for your home that involves renovation and house restoration then get in touch with our friendly and professional team of home restoration experts. Onshore Homes will provide you with the best service imaginable and build you the home you have always dreamt of.


We offer our customers an obligation free quote, so give us a call at our Northern Beaches office today and find out how we can build your dream home.


Home Extensions and Additions Experts


Are you looking to increase the value of your property with a smart and functional addition to your home? Want to extend your decking around to the backyard for barbecues on those hot summer days? Or do you need some landscaping done to extend the use of your outdoor spaces?


No matter the type or size of your extension plans and dreams, the team of home renovations and house extensions experts at Onshore Homes will provide you with the most expedient and expert service imaginable.


What sets Onshore Homes apart from our competition isn’t our years of experience in home extensions and renovations, or our team of specialist licensed builders to cover every aspect of your job, it’s our attention to detail and our first rate and friendly customer service.


When you come in and sit down with our team you will receive a level of service that you simply can’t find anywhere else. At the end of the day your home extensions and additions should reflect your ideal home or property, we simply facilitate turning your dream into a reality.


Additions? Renovations? Extensions? Onshore Homes Northern Beaches Sydney


No matter the size and scope, simplicity or complexity of your proposed home additions or extensions the team at Onshore Homes have the right team of licensed and professional tradesman to build your dream home.


Our network of trades and services means that we can handle your home extension and addition project from start to finish. From plumbers and electricians to roofers and painters, whether you simply want to add a deck to your home or you want to landscape your backyard, Onshore Homes has the right team of professional home renovations expert for your job.


Onshore Homes- Bathroom Remodelling and Renovation Sydney Northern Beaches


Are you sick of having to scrub your bathroom tiles for hours on end with no discernible result for all of your labours? Do you dream of glass splashback and art deco design to replace your shower curtain and dull tiling? Do you want to go European and have bidet replace your existing toilet?


No matter what you dream of for your bathroom chances are the team at Onshore Homes will be able to help you make your bathroom remodelling dream a reality. 


Everything you need for your Bathroom Remodelling Under one Roof


Onshore Homes- Kitchen Remodelling and Renovation Sydney Northern Beaches


Do you envision holding sophisticated soirees at your home but don’t have the kitchen to pull it off? Do you want decadent dinner parties with friends but fell embarrassed by your outdated kitchen décor? Want to impress with Christmas dinner for the in-laws but lack the space or facilities? If you want a kitchen that will be the envy of your friends and families, a kitchen that is fully functional and stylish, or any kitchen, the kitchen of your dreams, then get in touch with the team of expert kitchen remodelling professionals at Onshore Homes today.


For years Onshore Homes has been building and renovating the kitchens of Sydney. We provide superior customer service to our clients coupled with all the tradesmen and professional kitchen renovation professionals you could want or need for your kitchen remodelling.


When you work with Onshore Homes you are working with a team of experienced and licensed experts in every area of expertise related to your job. From draftsmen and architects to plumbers and electricians, each of our expert tradesmen will work to give you your newly renovated kitchen in the fastest possible timeframe and for a competitively low price.




If you want to live the life you have always dreamed of, entertaining dinner guests or whipping up culinary delights in a kitchen designed specifically by you for you, then get in touch with the friendly and professional team at Onshore Homes today and find out how we can make your dream kitchen space a reality.


Onshore Homes- Retaining Wall Construction Kings


Do your backyard areas slope or dip at impossible angles? Want to create a beautiful, layered effect to your front garden? Whatever the purpose, retaining walls are a great way to provide you with options and create more space for you and your family to enjoy.


When it comes to retaining wall construction there is one tea that stands above the rest in terms of quality craftsmanship and design; Onshore Homes are Sydney’s premier team of retaining wall construction and landscaping experts.  Onshore Homes brings experience, expertise, and brilliant customer focused service to all of our renovation and extension projects. 


Whether you are installing a retaining wall or completely redesigning your garden and outdoor areas, the team of experts at Onshore Homes will have you covered for every step of the way.


Onshore Homes- Professional Timber Deck Builders


Do you dream of an outdoor decking area where you can entertain friends and family in style and with a luxurious amount of space? Maybe you want to replace your old, rotting deck with a beautiful brand new deck to wow your friends and turn your neighbours green with envy? Want to increase the value of your home with a beautiful timber deck for your pool? 


No matter the reason or end design, if you want a quality timber deck to improve the aesthetic appeal and usable living spaces of your home then call the team of experienced and licensed deck builders at Onshore Homes.


Experienced and Reliable Network of Licensed Professionals


Here at Onshore Homes we employ a wide range of specialist tradesmen to perform every possible aspect of you timber decking design and installation process. From draftsmen and architects drawing up your initial designs to landscapers and deck builders putting the finishing varnish on your new deck, everything goes through us, so you can be sure of the quality and consistency of our handiwork.


Benefits of Timber Decking for your Home


Thinking about putting down some new timber decking around your home but you’re not sure if you can justify the expense? Here are a few things a new timber deck can add to your home to help you realise what a great idea a new deck is for your home;


Added value to your home- The most important thing that a new timber deck will add to your home is value, for every cent you spend you are also adding a cent to the value of your property.


Less maintenance than you might expect- Timber decks look great with little maintenance required, they are a great choice for the time strapped and only require the most minute amount of attention.


Increase the amount of usable outdoor space around your home- Timber decks are a great way to extend your home’s usable spaces. What better place for a summer barbecue then on your new timber deck?


Help make the most of uneven land- Uneven land can mean a waste of potential space on your property; a timber deck is a great way to make use of uneven space.


Contact Onshore Homes for all of your Timber Decking Needs


If you dream of increasing the amount of outdoor usable space of your home while adding value as well as functionality to your property, then give the team at Onshore Homes a call today and find out how we can turn your outdoor decking areas into the envy of your neighbourhood.


While you’re it take a look at our projects page and see the fantastic job we did for one of our happy Northern Beaches customers with their timber decking project.

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