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Seaside Practice - Cosmetic Health

Dr Orla Teahan of Seaside Practice in Newport understands the difference good quality cosmetic advice and treatment can make to a person. Three years ago, Dr Teahan sustained life-threatening injuries in a horrific car accident, spending 10 days in a coma and undergoing months of rehabilitation after debilitating recovery paralysis.

Before the accident, Dr Teahan had been a general practitioner for 17 years, and had always held an interest in inner wellbeing as well as understanding the more physical aspects of health. But during her long period of recovery, she began to contemplate other areas of health as well. Today, with her youthful appearance and general positive misdemeanour, those who don’t know Dr Teahan’s story would never guess the trauma she and her body have suffered. 

“What I didn’t know (until the accident) was that my foundations for being healthy were very good – the essence of health, like nutrition and connectedness and all the basics were all there, but I didn’t recognise them as being so important until my recovery,” she explains.

“Look at me now – would you know I was paralysed? Would you know I was in a coma for 10 days? Would you know I was fractured all through my head? You wouldn’t know. And that got me into the cosmetic (arm of dealing with) facial injuries, which people rarely hear about.”

Dr Teahan points to various parts of her face and head as she further explains the locations of a plate that was inserted to stabilise fractures, or a large scar she received, or other serious injuries she sustained. But to the casual observer, these things aren’t even noticeable. In fact, Dr Teahan is a walking, talking advertisement for the very procedures she has now been inspired to include at Seaside Practice.

“People think cosmetic surgery is all about beauty!” she laughs. “And it is about beauty, but also about fixing problems like acne and scarring. People never think of that side of things – it was very significant for me. I’ve got a scar here you can’t even see and that’s because I did my medical rollering and I did my creams and I did all the things I was suppose to do.”

You may have a story similar to Dr Teahan’s, or you may simply be looking for a ‘lift’ to your self confidence with a little bit of cosmetic advice and treatment. Whatever the case, Dr Teahan - a member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia - provides myriad services from her discreet and relaxed consultation rooms at Seaside Practice.

Whether you are considering a variety of script and non-script creams, cosmeceuticals, superficial peels, collagen, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, medical rollers and medical skin needling, standard botox and filler or other types of cosmetic assistance, Dr Teahan welcomes you to contact her for a consultation.

It can be a big decision to seek advice on cosmetic issues. You may be cautious about your decision being met with surprise by those around you, or you may not feel inwardly confident that your outward appearance is the solution to other issues you may be facing. However, at Seaside Practice, Dr Teahan can work through these concerns with you, tailoring your inner wellbeing with outer health to create a perfectly balanced, all-round you.

“’Looking good on the outside, feeling better on the inside’ - I think that’s my philosophy,” explains Dr Teahan. “The outward view, what we show the world, should reflect what is on the inside. It is superficial, but our face is such a symbol of how we are, what we present to the world - it’s like creating a happier, flourishing face to reflect more what is on the inside, which is I suppose is deeper.”

“People want to feel better,” she smiles, with the understanding of someone who has been there. “Look better, but feel better, too.”

Dr Orla Teahan is available for private, confidential consultations at Seaside Practice in Newport. Contact her today on 9999 6250.

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