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Seaside Practice - Hands

Hands - Get a handle on a tell-tale sign of age.

We can easily protect the skin on our face with sunscreen, hats, and wide sunglasses. However it’s hard to be as diligent with our hands.

Hands are constantly working; washing dishes, clothes, gardening, cooking and cleaning. Even driving and sporting activities are tough on hands (e.g. golf and tennis). This accelerates the natural ageing process with changes in skin texture, pigmentation/colour and volume.

You may be looking fresh faced but the hands, lacking youthful volume, may be a tell-tale sign of age.

If you want to get a handle on your hands, call Dr Orla Teahan, on 9999 6250.  New treatments that restore youthful volume are now available. User friendly with minimal downtime and no surgery, just injections!!

At Seaside Practice we also offer anti wrinkle injections, using the latest techniques which help to achieve a natural look and rejuvenate the skin. Feel good on the inside and look great on the outside is our motto!

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