H.A.R.T - Honda Australia Roadcraft Training

451 Mona Vale Road, Saint Ives, NSW, 2075

H.A.R.T - Honda Australia Roadcraft Training

H.A.R.T - Honda Australia Roadcraft Training

H.A.R.T - Honda Australia Roadcraft Training

Driver Safety Training Courses

HART based in St Ives on the Northern Beaches close to Manly, Warringah, Pittwater, North Shore and Sydney metropolitan areas is the Australian organisation representing Honda's global focus on increasing road user safety for drivers, passengers, motorcycle riders and motorcycle pillion passengers.

Whether you are a learner driver or have years of experience,a driving safety course run by HART results in drivers having a greater understanding of their responsibility. This is demonstrated through enhanced driving techniques, improved behaviour and a more responsible attitude.

Above all the safety of the individual driver, passengers and the general public is improved.


HART’s Driver Training Courses

According to the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020, road crashes result in about 1,400 deaths and 32,500 hospital admissions each year. The annual cost to the national economy is estimated to be $27 billion.

These statistics are pretty sobering so HART's comprehensive series of driver training courses translate into a good lifetime investment for all drivers. The training facility in St Ives close to the Northern Beaches comprises a two-kilometre, dual-lane, closed road circuit with dedicated low speed training areas. A series of graded off-road training tracks are incorporated into adjacent onsite bushland.

HART offers courses spanning road users from pre-learner training to aged driver assessment and everything in between, both corporate and private, on two wheels or four.

Although HART is supported by Honda, courses are open to all makes and models of vehicle. HART's mission is to contribute positively to road safety by equipping all those who pass through the facility with 'street smart' techniques that will help them contribute to improved road safety within our society.

Courses include the following:














H.A.R.T Driving School - Learner Driver Training

No one expects parents to be professional driving instructors so HART’s Learner Driver Course is recommended as soon as the driver receives their Learner Licence. This ensures they have a good grounding in the basics of car set up and control, and the essentials of low risk driving.

The RTA's tough licensing rules for L-plate drivers mean learner drivers will need to hold their learner licence for a minimum of 12 months and complete at least 120 hours of supervised driving (including 20 hours of night driving) before they can apply for their P1 licence. In accordance with RTA conditions, one hour of structured driving from a HART instructor counts for 3 hours in the learner driver logbook.

HART is a specialist in providing a complete package for learner drivers from 1.5 hours, a 3 three hour session and a unique six hour session. A balance between professional instruction and on-road experience with a parent or supervising instructor ensures the teaching of safe driving techniques.


Defensive Driving courses for Red and Green P plate drivers

Upon passing your driving test you will be issued with a (Provisional) P1 driver’s licence, signified with red P plates. After you’ve had your P1 licence for 12 months, you can attempt to move on to the next stage - your P2 licence, which is signified by green P plates.

To go from red to green Ps, you need to pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). HART’s Post Learner half day course teaches the principles of hazard perception include judging stopping and following distances, picking safe gaps in the traffic and scanning for hazards.

Upon successful completion of the HPT, drivers can move on to their Green P plates - the final stage of the licensing system. After holding your P2 licence for 24 months, you can attempt the Driver Qualification Test (DQT), a computer based test completed at your local RTA office.

The DQT is made up of two parts. Part 1 tests advanced safe driving knowledge (Knowledge Test) and Part 2 tests advanced hazard perception skills (Hazard Perception).

HART’s Defensive Thinking Styles course for Green P Platers focuses on how young drivers can make choices that directly influence the degree of risk they are exposed too when driving. The importance is on identifying and avoiding risk rather than dealing with it when it is too late. The half-day (3 hours) course will improve driver judgement and response.


Safer Driving for your Employees.

A fleet of safer drivers means lower operating costs, fewer crashes, less vehicle damage (and therefore lower repair bills) and less time lost. It's that simple.

The HART Corporate Driver Risk Management Course is tailor-made to repay your investment in fleet driver training by driving your fleet operating costs down. Drivers are shown how to avoid hazardous situations and costly incidents.

The course, which can be tailor-made to your specific requirements, is generally conducted as a full day group course for up to 12 attendees at HART’s world-class facility in St Ives.


Why Choose HART?

At HART their aim is to achieve the highest standard needed, not only to pass your driving test, but drive safely for life. Their professional and quality training spanning more than two decades is backed by Honda Australia -Honda's commitment to increased safety spans 17 countries.They cater for specific customers via a small business attitude.

Here is what two of their happy customers have to say:

"I did my learners motorbike course here and I can't recommend the guys enough. The venue is well maintained with extremely professional staff and very well educated. Not only was it informative but great fun. If you need your learners for driving or motorbike then I recommend you go through HART. Keep up the good work."

"HART provided great one on one teaching when I was on my car Ls."

For drivers, passengers, motorcycle riders and motorcycle pillion passengers interested in driving school, driver training courses, corporate fleet driver training, defensive driving courses contact HART in St Ives on the Northern Beaches close to Manly, Warringah, Pittwater, North Shore and Sydney metropolitan areas.

H.A.R.T - Honda Australia Roadcraft Training

451 Mona Vale Road,

St Ives Close to Manly, Warringah, Pittwater and North Shore areas

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