All Stake Supply

19 Charles St, St Marys, NSW, 2760

All Stake Supply

All Stake Supply is a family-owned Australian business in Sydney. For almost 40 years, we have been focused on delivering quality products to Sydney and the rest of Australia.

Our range of products includes grass and ground reinforcement, garden stakes, revegetation products, fertilisers and other plant products. We deliver nationwide.

Landscaping Supplies
We specialise in tree guards, survey pegs, park on grass and erosion control products such as Jute Matting.

Garden stakes
Our garden stakes are available in wood, plastic and other synthetic materials.

Revegetation products
We offer a variety of revegetation products ranging from plants pills to garden nets.

Tree guards
Protect your young plants from pests and accidents by installing sleeve tree guards. We sell tree guards in bulk. Tree guards are plastic or cardboard.

Survey pegs
Survey pegs are one of our specialities. Our wood survey pegs come in white, plain or coloured tops. There is a variety of sizes and dimensions to choose from.

Jute Matting 
Our Jute Matting products promote erosion control whilst allowing the soil to breathe underneath it.

Grass Reinforcement Solutions
All Stake Supply is known for its landscaping products and environmental terrain solutions. Among these are their driveway pavers and grass pavers. Grass and ground reinforcement products are a greener and more cost-effective choice over concrete and asphalt.

Here are the driveway pavers and grass pavers products that All Stake Supply offer:
• PP40 Porous Pavers
• Geocell
• Bodpave 85
• EconoGrid40
• GR11 & GR14 Reinforcement Mesh
• Turf Reinforcement Mesh TR4

Unlike concrete and asphalt, these grass reinforcement products allow the growth of lawn underneath yet it is spared from foot and vehicle traffic that can damage and ruin its overall health. This allows you to park on grass without damaging it plus you keep something that absorbs rainwater.

For aesthetically pleasing driveway without the expense of concrete, consider installing a gravel driveway. The following products are ideal for this solution: 
• TruckGrid
• TruckGrid Max
• BodPave 85

We have over a thousand products at our warehouse where you’ll be most likely to find what you’re looking for. If you don’t find the item that you want, we will tap into our network of landscape suppliers, international and local, to source it just for you.

For landscape supplies and grass reinforcement solutions, call All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123.

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