The Residential Lift Company Pty Ltd

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The Residential Lift Company Pty Ltd

Detail Description (Approx. 250-300 Words – About Services and Products):
The Residential Lift Company manufactures five different models of ResiLliftTM which are all based on the same design but vary in size, shape and dimensions.

The lift is the safest and most reliable lift on the market.  This is very important when using a lift inside your own home when potentially you are alone.  Most significantly there are no doors so as you cannot become trapped inside the lift.

The design was especially created for minimal impact to the home, structurally and aesthetically.  There is no need for a lift shaft, a pit or an intrusion to the ceiling for the motor.  All that is needed is an opening cut through the mid floor.  When the lift is on the other level the two guide rails are all that are visible.

The lifts are licensed for 200 kilograms and two people.  The lift only travels two levels – so some customers have purchased a second lift to service a third level.
The Mirage is the original design with a rounded back.  It is very compact and can fit discretely in the corner of a room.

There are slightly larger models with one or two entrances.
The Walk Through lift is often fitted where the floor plan requires the operator to enter from one side and exit on the opposite  side at the other level.
The Walker Friendly is popular in new homes. Both the “walk” models are wide enough to allow a walker.

There are two models which are large enough for a wheelchair; the Wheelchair sized (one entrance) and the Roll through (two entrances).
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